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Snowmobile Trail Reports
American Oak Resort Snowmobile Rental

If you're looking for  snowmobile rental in Michigan, we have over 200 miles of trails in Houghton Lake.  Our resort  offers snowmobile vacations at a price many charge for snowmobile rental  alone.   We are just hours from any place in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and we boast an excellent  snowmobile trail system.  We offer cabin or chalet "Stay and Play"  rental packages, allowing you to save on your total package price while enjoying the convenience of having your snowmobile right at your cabin or chalet..  We volunteer our time to help maintain and groom the trails, along with providing updated daily trail reports of the Michigan snowmobile trail conditions.




Saturday or Sunday only rentals are on an as available basis only.

A non-refundable $100.00 reservation fee is required per snowmobile rental. This will be applied to the cost of the snowmobile rental at time of pick-up. Minimum age requirement is 25 years of age unless accompanied by an adult. To place a reservation you must have a valid credit card and driver's license. All rentals have $10.00 trail use fee. This fee is for a portion of the trail permit and the rest goes to feed and water our hardworking volunteer groomers who work long hours to keep the trails in great condition.

If you request a snowmobile over 440cc's, you will be required to have a cash deposit of $1,000.00 and your rental fee total must also be paid in cash. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Snowmobile Stay N Play Package Rate Examples

*for a full list of packages plus limited availability special offers click HERE


WEEKDAY - 2 single snowmobiles for 8 hrs PLUS a cabin for 2 nights - $595.00

WEEKDAY -  2 single snowmobiles for 23 hrs PLUS a cabin for 2 nights - $685.00

WEEKDAY - 1 double snowmobile for 8 hrs PLUS a cabin for 2 nights - $415.00

WEEKDAY - 4 single snowmobiles for 8 hours PLUS a chalet for 2 nights - $1,150.00

WEEKDAY - 2 double snowmobiles for 23 hrs PLUS a chalet for 2 nights - $875.00

WEEKEND - 2 single snowmobiles for 2 x 8 hrs PLUS a cabin for 2 nights - $1,000.00

WEEKEND - 1 double snowmobile for 23 hrs PLUS a cabin for 2 nights - $525.00

WEEKEND - 2 double snowmobiles for 47 hours PLUS a chalet for 2 nights - $1,350.00

*cabin package prices based on 2 guests - chalet package prices based on 4 guests - limited availability*

**(All 23 or 47 hour rentals begin at 9 a.m. or 6 p.m., 8 hour rentals start at 9 a.m., 4 hour rentals must be completed by 5 p.m.)** 

Snowmobile Helmet Rental is $10.00 per day

We do not rent jackets, bibs, gloves or boots.


Damage deposit per snowmobile is $500.00 (singles) $1,000.00 (doubles) *cash or credit card*  There may be special requirements if you have for youth operators in your family group.  

Snowmobiles will be full of gas and oil and are to be returned full of gas.  We fill the oil only.  If they are returned low on fuel a $25.00 service charge will be added to actual re-fueling charges.

For more information please call our toll free number 1-888-863-1262


Snowmobiles are leased from the American Oak Resort office, Located at 112 Jefferson across the street from the units. Once they are leased they may be driven to the unit and parked on the property in designated areas. They are not to be driven up or down the hill on the property and must stay out of the areas designated as play areas for children. In the winter the volleyball pit is designated as a parking lot for large trailors.

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